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  5. "Fydda i byth yn denau."

"Fydda i byth yn denau."

Translation:I will never be thin.

April 8, 2016



looks pretty harsh on test mode.. i will never be thin - you are correct! - gives up diet


When does 'byth' mean 'ever' and when does it mean 'never'? Is it because the sentence starts 'fydda' and not 'bydda'?


Pretty much.

In a negative sentence, the verb takes mixed mutation (aspirate if possible, otherwise soft), so bydda "I will" becomes fydda "I will not", and then you have "I will not ever be thin = I will never be thin".


I know the course is in its incipient stages but here's one of those occasions where the very first hint on hover - "skinny" - is not accepted. I'm reporting it, of course.


So much negativity in this skill


Would "I will always be thin" be "Bydda i byth yn denau" (without the soft mutation)? Or would you use a different word for that?


I think that'd be "Bydda i'n denau am byth" but I may have mis-remembered what I was told. As I understand it, "am byth" is forever, so "bydda i'n denau'n wastad" would be a better translation for "I will always be thin". Does anybody know if this is right?


"i will never be thin" and "i never will be thin" what's the difference?

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