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  5. "Ти студент."

"Ти студент."

Translation:You are a student.

April 8, 2016



A little confused because the help said that it translates as both 'You are a student' and 'Are you a student?'. What would be the correct way to say/type 'Are you a student?' if this is 'You are a student'?

[deactivated user]

    They normally differ in intonation. «Ти студент?» with a rising intonation would mean 'Are you a student?'. «Ти студент» with a falling intonation would mean "You are a student."

    There's another way to form general questions: «Чи студент ти?» 'Are you a student?'. If you’re unsure in your ability to pronounce questions with a rising intonation (which shouldn't cause problems because questions in most European languages use rising intonation too), you can use it.


    I guess it is the same way that questions work in PT-BR, that "Você é um estudante?" and "Você é um estudante." that the pontuation changes the phrase.


    I can't type in cyrillic. How do you do that?

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