Swedish Children's Stories/easy language online?

Hello! Do you know any good sources for really easy texts? In other languages, I often found children's stories to be helpful because the language wasn't complicated and the grammar was easy (usually present tense)

It would be really helpful because I do not feel ready to read/listen to easy radio/newspapers (which are often recommended on Duo)


April 8, 2016


I like reading folktales in Swedish: There's also that one

April 10, 2016

These links are amazing, tack sa mycket!

April 25, 2017

tack sa mycet =D jag kommer Gör just nu tack =D

July 6, 2017

Tack så mycket!

June 5, 2018

All I know of is children YouTube channels, which are surprisingly easy.

April 8, 2016

Which channels do you know?

April 8, 2016

Babblarna, babyloonz tv- svenska, fingerfamiljen TV, Swedish pod 101, svenska barnsånger TV, the Swedish Lad, and I made a YouTube playlist of Disney songs, music, and other learning materials; Swedish:

April 8, 2016

Thank you so much

April 8, 2016

apparently it doesn't exist anymore :(

March 13, 2018

Tack sa mycket!

August 6, 2017

I am currently watching Alfons Åberg on youtube. It's an old children's cartoon, but it's helpful in listening to Swedish.

March 17, 2018

All of Astrid Lindgren's works are now available on Spotify in audiobook form and she wrote for children so it should be fairly easy language, at least compared to adult novels anyway.

Also check out Klartext, 8sidor and Lättläst.

April 9, 2016

I'd suggest 8 Sidor because it's written in easy Swedish, also you can listen to the text ! I'm using this website as a resource for learning Swedish. The link:

February 9, 2018

My Swedish teacher recently advised me to read Ormblomman - not a story for kids but so far seems rather readable (though slowly, I have to translate a lot of words but I am very bad at memorizing the words in general). Pretty interesting, I guess I would be bored by a fairytale so this one is not bad. Not sure though whether there is a free pdf out there but here is the link to the google books page a

April 10, 2016
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