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cursor problem

Does anyone else have a problem with the cursor? Sometimes it automatically appears in the box to start typing, and sometimes it doesn't. I'm in Italian level one.

January 22, 2013



Happened to me too. Also when you are doing a timed practice, when you have to give the article first from a dropdown list and then type the word, then you have to click with the mouse into the drop-down list and that makes you lose time.

Should be pretty easy to fix.


Actually for this article in the dropdown list type of question, you don't have to click anything. Type in the article in the text field, when you hit space the article is automatically and seamlessly transfered to the dropdown list and the cursor is still in the text field. In other words, just type "article noun", hit enter and you're golden. It does mess things up if you typo the article though. Note that you can do all types of questions without a click, except for special characters (é,ß, ...), barring bugs like the one described in the original post.


Thanks, that is good to know.


happened to me too


Hey myparrot--what kind of bird? Mine's a Meyer's Parrot. [And yes, I know, this isn't the place for personal posts, but where else do I ask?]


I didn;t see this topic before, so I just posted a similar comment about the cursor. It's very annoying when you are just using the keyboard, and it does seem inconsistent. Is posting here the way to get DuoLingo's attention?

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