"Guarda questa farfalla!"

Translation:Look at this butterfly!

April 8, 2016


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Is guarda formal or informal here?

April 8, 2016


Informal, it's the second singular person "tu"

April 9, 2016


the audio on this question has not work on this whole study set. anyone else have this problem?

September 14, 2017


Oh it didn't work im awful

December 18, 2018


How do i delete comments

December 18, 2018


Only way I know is to use the website, and not the app. Both edit and delete are available for your own comments. It helps on mobile devices to request the desktop version of the site, as it will otherwise load the app. This also allows you to see when the comments were posted, which I don't see with either the Android or iOS apps.

Another bonus using the webpage is the are no hearts to lose

September 1, 2019


Look this buterfly should be right.

February 9, 2019


What is this example? It's so ridiculous, unless you find a really crazy butterfly outside and you yell at someone to come and see it

February 27, 2019


The imperative (l'imperativo) is used to give orders, advice, and exhortations.

Examples: Spiegaci!, = Explain to us!, Girati! = Turn around!, Non tormentarmi = Don't torment me!, Sbrigati = Hurry up!, Chiamami! = Call me!, Scrivimi! = Write me!, Sta' zitto! = Shut up!, Lasciami in pace. = Leave me alone., Mettila dietro. (una bici) = Put it in the back. (a bike), Non dirmelo! = Don't tell me!, Non fare l'innocente. = Don't play innocent., Divertiti! = Enjoy yourself!, Dille di riprendersi. = Tell her to get better., Non preoccuparti. = Don't worry yourself., Calmati! = Calm down!, Digli di chiamarla. = Tell him to call her., Tocca a te! Your turn!, Si accomodi. = Make yourself comfortable., Trascinalo a scuola! = Drag him to school!, Coprimi! = Cover me!, Vattene! = Get out of here!, Concentriamoci. = Let's focus., Mettiti in ❤❤❤❤❤ di piedi. = Stand on your toes., Tienili! = Keep them!, Finiscila. = Finish it., Prendilo. = Take it., Non farti beccare. = Don't get caught., Lascia perdere! = Let it go! Forget it!, Dimmi quand'è iniziata? = Tell me when it started?

imperativo presente [guardàre] = present imperative [to look at]

guàrda [non guardàre] (tu) .......... look at [don't look at] (informal, singular)

guàrdi (egli) .......... look at (formal, singular)

guardiàmo (noi) .......... let's look at

guardàte (voi) .......... look at (informal, plural)

guàrdino (essi) .......... look at (formal, plural)

July 18, 2019
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