Den and dem

What is the difference?

February 20, 2012


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Both of them are definite articles and are usually translated as "the." In German, each noun has a gender, and each gender has a different article. As the subject of a sentence, masculine nouns use "der," feminine nouns use "die," and neuter nouns use "das." When used as direct objects and the objects of some prepositions, "der" becomes "den," but the rest stay the same. This is the Accusative case. When nouns are used as indirect objects or the objects of some preopsitions (like "mit," "aus," "bei," "von," etc.), "der" and "das" become "dem" and "die" becomes "der." (The plural "die," however, becomes "den." This chart is useful for keeping what changes to what in the different cases.

February 21, 2012


March 31, 2013

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