"She is walking."

Translation:Ona idzie.

April 8, 2016

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The correspondence between go/walk in English and slavic verbs with roots id/chod is not completely straightforward and various opinions may arise. However, in most cases more people would agree that 'id' is more like 'go' and 'chod' like 'walk'. At least this shoud be acceptable. This my suggestion to the Polish-English team.


but then what about jechać/jeździć pływać/płynąć latać/lecieć. (all mean "go" too). What about biec/biegać?

Duolingo translates idę= I am walking/going chodzę= I walk/ go


Thank you! I completely agree that both should be acceptable. The cause of my comment was that my answer was not accepted.


i put ona chodzi


And it's fine here, because the default English sentence is "She is walking" and there is no destination mentioned - she's just walking around. So 'chodzi' suits the sentence. If there was a destination mentioned, 'idzie' would be the only correct option.

Added 'chodzi'.


thank you ! kindly

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