"Eles fazem comida."

January 22, 2013


i put "they prepare food" and it was mark as wrong, but i still think is right, or am i wrong??

January 22, 2013

to prepare would be ''preparar''. ''fazer is to do, make or produce

January 27, 2013

Yet, I think ‘prepare’ should be allowable in this case. My reasoning is as follows: ‘fazer’ and ‘preparar’ (and their English counterparts) mean pretty much the same thing here and are about as common, but in English ‘prepare’ is in this case more common and hence a more neutral translation.

But it's a judgement call that may be different in other cases, e.g. in cases of specific foods (a sandwich, macaroni, curry, breakfast, lunch, dinner) it seems ‘make’ is more common. I've seen ‘to prepare a sandwich’ but it really sounds weird to me.

And ‘to make a meal (out) of something’ is an idiom, which means something like ‘to perform a (usually common) task in such a roundabout / slow / complicated / inept / clumsy way that onlookers are overcome with an incredibly annoying urge to push the perpetrator aside and do it himself’.

July 11, 2013

They make meal - should be correct as well

February 12, 2013

Your answer isn't correct English, it would have to be they make a meal.

February 17, 2013


February 17, 2013

You are correct, but that would be the translation of ‘Eles fazem uma refeição.’ and that is not what this question asks for.

July 11, 2013

i wrote: they do food, because it was one of the options. is it wrong?

June 14, 2013

While ‘do’ is sometimes used in the sense of preparing a specific foodstuff (as in ‘He does a mean chicken curry!’) this usage is rare and I'm afraid ‘They do food.’ just conjures up unfortunate imagery that isn't very family friendly in nature.

Also, when e.g. making an appointment ‘do’ is sometimes used as a substitute for ‘have’.

My advice is therefore not to use ‘do’ in relation to food until you're really sure you know what you're... doing.

July 11, 2013

"they make meal" - not accepted. According to the hint, it should be.

July 24, 2013
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