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Duolingo Hindi Course

Hindi A language we're all waiting for! For all who want to know a little more about this language and where it started and a few other things, search it here, on Wikipedia = D It's also awesome that we have the forum, before the course : ) I cannot wait for it to come out!

Reasons Why Duolingo Wants Hindi

  • Hindi will attract more people from across the globe
  • This language is another language Duolingo will create bilinguals with
  • People are interested in it, so we want it now
  • It's fun : D

So let's all stay motivated and we'll have a blast when Hindi is officially out of the incubator. : ) Duo Staff, you are amazing. Contributors for Hindi, you are very generous to do this for us : )

April 8, 2016



Urdu is my native language, and Hindi and Urdu are almost the same thing.


Oh wow. I honestly had no idea you spoke Urdu. Your English writing is so native like. So you're Pakistani?


Urdu's my native language too, and I'm Indian. :D


I'd like to post this link to my long post dedicated to Hindi. :)



I want this too! i love Hindi!! :D


This course will help me greatly before I go to Jaipur :)


wow your going to Jaipur?


Yes ^_^ where are you from?


I'm from India! (Never been there :P) But, I live in Canada.


I'm so excited for this course!


Can't wait! and the writing is so beautiful!


I'm excited for this course.


I am so excited for the Hindi course, I seriously can't wait, I so want to be able to learn Hindi!


Can't wait for this!


i would LOVE to learn how to speak Hindi :) <3


This would make it so much easier to speak with my relatives! : )


WOW!Hindi is my national language and I am an Indian.


i want to contribute to it guys!!!!


You can offer your help by applying here.


hindi is my native language


cant wait to learn


While i'm waiting for this course where can I learn Hindi in the meantime?


Instead of waiting until January (or possibly later) - is there any way that the first 2 or 3 lessons could be released. It would be better to be learning a subset of the language than waiting another half year to have the full thing - this way you can get feedback too to help guide the journey iteratively.

It seems that earlier delivery of a subset would be welcomed (with errors or issues forgiven) by the very keen audience waiting - and would also provide very valuable feedback.


It's not how Duolingo (=staff) has things working so it's not really likely to happen.

Having feedback and using/reviewing them is very very time-consuming (reports, among which a lot are wrong ones when not simply spam, come by thousands even in courses that are here for years).
So the volunteers would probably not really have time to look at them before finishing the rest of the course, so it wouldn't be more valuable than having them once the entire course is ready and released. And if they would start to look at them actively/usefully then it would postponed for long the completion of the entire course.

Also, Duolingo starts implementing the audio(*) only once the entire course is ready (up to audio, of course ;) ). So such "partial" release wouldn't have any audio.

In addition, contributors would start to answer questions in forums/sentence discussions, which would also make the release of the (entire) course being delayed.

Those are the three first reasons that came to my mind that probably explain why Duolingo doesn't make "partial" release.

(*) either TTS or contracting a third party company to record the audio for 3000-4000 (entire) exercises if no decent TTS available on the market.


Thanks for the comprehensive reply - I was not aware of audio complexity (I had naively assumed that this was done progressively as the course was being put together by the volunteers). Your point about the triage between supporting the partial course, vs. completing the course is valid - although from looking at some of the other language courses there does seem to be a lot of forum activity from the advanced students (not just the course creators).

Understand your logic – given the support and interest in this course perhaps the only useful way to accelerate is to seek more volunteers from the Duolingo community who speak both Hindi and English.

Is that data available from Duolingo (i.e. "how many duolingo users do we have that are fluent in both English and Hindi"). It seems that this would be a valuable addition to the profile setup for each new user (listing out your language competencies) so that a general call-to-arms could be issued for courses that could do with some additional assistance!

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