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  5. "Moja klasa pisze dziś test."

"Moja klasa pisze dziś test."

Translation:My class is taking a test today.

April 8, 2016



Poles say "I have to write a test" because this is how you say it in Polish, but in English, at least in the US, it doesn't make sense. You take a test.


That's a Canadianism. In AmE ‘write a test’ means create a test.


Yes, I agree. Writing a test is what the teacher does so that the students can take it.


But are the students physically then taking the test with them? ;)


Agreed from the other side of the atlantic as well


Ok then, just learned something. To say taking a test is "writing a test" . I was really baffled by this. I could see the literal translation but it didn't make sense to me. The best I came up with was "My writing class tests today." Although I realize that my translation is incorrect.


Adding to Hamlet, could you add the American colloquial of "taking a test" for " pisze test"


This means to make the test. Not to take it. It is nonsens.


Huh? In Polish "pisać test", "pisać klasówkę", "pisać egzamin" etc. definitely mean that the students are being tested, that they 'take the test'.


I could not hear the "p" in pisze


I hear it fine.

But it seems a relatively common problem for the learners - not hearing the "p" sound at the beginning of words. Perhaps Polish "p" is different from what English-speaking people expect? I'm bad at phonetics.


Not exactly here but when I here PSZEPRASZAM its not easy to hear the sound of P at the start.


Yes, some languages (including English and German) use the aspirated pronunciation for consonants like p, t, k. It sounds like adding an h to the consonant. But Polish doesn't (like French, Italian etc.).


What is wrong?

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