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Too many errors at advanced levels

So here's my concern: The more advanced lessons simply contain too many errors. I don't want to bring examples now, I'm just saying that I cannot progress properly, because I have to learn the errors in the system to get through each lesson, and sometimes it takes 3 tries, which is quite boring. There should be more people working on correcting reported mistakes! (This was not really an issue at easier levels with simpler sentences.)

January 22, 2013



Whenever you see errors, please report them using the "report a problem" feature. We do have a staff of people correcting them.


I do this but the options don't really provide a way to report all problems. For example in a recent German lesson the audio mispronounced wird as willt. The only options related to clarity of the audio or grammar which are not really the issue. It was quite clear but quite incorrect. We really need an "Other" option for this sort of instance.


Can we get something like a "I'm really sure this is correct" button? For situations where the answer we give is the same as the 'correct' answer, but just in different words. I've already failed a few tests due to answers that were slightly different from the 'correct' answer. I know this gives an option to cheat, but aren't we just fooling ourselves if we make wrong use of such a button?


The infinitive lessons are maddening due to the idiomatic answers. Like the above poster, I have to memorize the answers more than practice my Spanish.


Yes it is an issue with easier levels! Am on basics course and just come across 'Les enfants sont des homes' which Duolingo translates as either 'the children are some men' or 'children are men' which does not make sense in English. Have just seen Luis' comment on 'report a problem' so will refer it there. On the good side being able to give feedback like this should help resolve these things.


In the advanced Franch lessons I am finding English phrases offered as correct answers that are not even in corrrect English. They often sound very awkward. Clearly a native English speaker did not write them. It would help if native speakers only were allowed to do this task. Also, I cannot submit corrections from the mobile app, only when I am working on my home computer.


Have to agree, this errors are rather annoying. I'm not having as much fun as in the beginning anymore...


I am struggling with this as well. We just have to be patient and do our part to help correct every single mistake, even if we work around it and get it right.


I agree. There are also inconsistencies in the answers. For example, on one question 'on hold' is accepted a translation of 'en attente' and another time it would only accept 'in waiting' which is not a very good English translation.


Hey Luis, I reported a problem 2 days ago concerning a broken link in Portuguese: Verbs: Future Perfect: Lesson 6. The problem is that it links back to Duolingo.com instead of running the lesson. Thank you.


is this still happening?


I can report that this is happening with me also, using chrome. Was forced to test out to progress.


@ trollreign Hm, I am a native speaker of both languages, and unfortunately I have to agree with you. @ Luis, well you may be right that some people reporting false errors, including me! Sorry when that happens. Maybe you provide a field where the fault or error can be explained/commented. Some training text is either uncommon/absurd/different/unrealistic, why not giving the native speakers the chance to upgrade those questions? Some stuff is really funny and some pronunciation is unreadable. I can grasp it because I am a native speaker, my fellow student said he had no clue what he just heard, and it is not even similar when I say it to him. The German inflection is also not correct in more than 50% of the cases. :-( In general, the software is great, keep on the good work! :-)

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