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  5. "Мама положила ложки на стол."

"Мама положила ложки на стол."

Translation:Mother put spoons on the table.

April 9, 2016



Mom put down the spoons on the table - is this not correct?


i'm an American English speaker. We would normally say "mom put the spoons down on the table." If you say "put down the spoons," that would be asking someone to put them down... положи _ = put down the _ ~ || ~ (человек) положила _ = (person) put the _ down. (with a location like "on the table," you don't need to say down.) ~ Mom put the spoons on the table. или mom put the spoons down on the table.


Why is it not столе?


На takes accusative when you're talking about direction (like here).

На takes locative when you're talking about location.


I'm not sure I understand why this isn't locative. Is it because the sentence is about act of the spoons being placed, rather than the simple fact of where the spoons are?


yeah, locative = saying the location only, E.G. "на столе ложки"


Isn't "onto the table" correct here?


Why mom isn't correct? Mother is мать


Put THE spoons on the table should be accepted.


@Gabdul: it is past tense, so "put" is correct


"Mum laid the spoons on the table" should be accepted. A lot of non-native speakers of English, and some for whom it is the mother tongue have problems with "lie" and "lay", their uses and respective past tenses "Lie" is intransitive "He is lying on the bed" past "He lay/has lain on the bed". "Lay" is transitive "He is laying the table" and past "He (has) laid the table"


In the explanation of "на стол" Duolingo puts "onto the table" and then it is not being accepted as answer (they want "on the table")?!? That's strange.


I had to pick words in this one and there was only one 'the' so I put 'Mother put the spoons on table'. Duolingo marked me wrong, but hey, it's not me...


"Table" definitely needs an article, but the sentence would sound OK without an article in front of "spoons": "Mom put spoons on the table." If you only have one article to use, "table" should get it. You're right, though, "Mom put the spoons on the table" would be a great translation.


"mom has put spoons on the table" should be accepted IMO


Yes it should but still not 31/12/2019


Is "Mother lays the spoon on the table" also correct?


It's past tense and plural spoons. But I think "Mom laid the spoons on the table" should be accepted so I'm reporting it.


Is the repetition of "лож" in"положила ложки" just coincidence, or is there a common root?


Порой кажется, что подсказки призваны не помогать, сбивать с толку. Уже который раз правильно пишу предложение, проверяю подсказку, вижу там единственное "правильное" значение "onto the table". Исправляю и получаю ошибку.


Mother puts not put


Keep in my that it's in Past Simple.

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