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"These women worked in the South."

Translation:Ці жінки працювали на півдні.

April 9, 2016



the English sentence says that the work performed by the women was in the past and has been completed. Is it therefore correct to use попрацювали? If I understand the word працювали correctly, it is saying concisely that the women have been and are still working in the South. Is this correct? I can not phrase the idea as concisely in English.


My understanding of the words is as follows:

  • "працювали" - the action was in the past, was performed regularly, and is not performed anymore.

  • "попрацювали" - the same as above, but without the regularity. The action has been performed for some undefined (shorter) period of time or occurred only once.

  • "пропрацювали" - with this one I feel like I have to tell the exact period of time like "for one hour" or "for 20 years." Then, depending on the period of time, it could be the same as the first or the second meaning, but the stress will be on the period of time and not on the action itself as in the first two cases.

So, "працювали" is the closest to the meaning of the English sentence.

Hope it helps.

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