"Mój ojciec nie akceptuje naszego związku."

Translation:My father does not accept our relationship.

April 9, 2016

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Czy "approve" zamiast "akceptuje" byłoby dobrym tłumaczeniem też?


Yes, it is accepted. It's more of "nie popiera" (seems lighter in meaning), but it's good enough.

P.S. I'd put "też" before "byłoby", it looks strange at the end of the sentence.


If only this video was still available


Whoever you are, this comment is genius and I love you for it.


Even better that the next sentence I was given was, "przyszedłem do ciebie w nocy".


My father is not accepting our relationship.

Should this response be accepted too?


A verb like "to accept" is not really used much in Present Continuous, I believe.


You're right, as one is not asked regularly whether one accepted something finally, e.g. electoral results or the defeat in a game. The first rejection or acceptance of something mostly sets off the next steps derived therefrom. Thus, the present tense is the most natural to use it with.


'Approve of' is accepted.

Just 'approve' sounds to me like there is an offical approval process for those kind of things.


Would "Mój ojciec nie przyjmuje naszego związku" also be correct?


It sounds weird and I can't really tell you why. There were plenty of examples in the corpus with akceptować/tolerować, but when I changed the verb to przyjmować, there were just 4 results and in none of them związek meant 'romantic relationship'.

Maybe przyjmować is more physical/visual, whereas akceptować is about mental attitude.


I must confess that I, too, found the verb przyjmować somewhat weird! Would it be possible to use the verb "przyjąć" instead? So, the sentence would now read "Mój ojciec nie może przyjąć naszego związku." Dzięki.


The only way to use "przyjmować" in this sentence would be Mój ojciec nie przyjmuje do wiadomości naszego związku, but it has a different meaning. This means he refuses to acknowledge (does not admit to his consiousness) or simply ignores the relationship.

One can przyjmować something that is being given to you or offered, whether physical (gifts) or abstract (thanks, best wishes, apologies).


Thanks for clarifying further, Dorothy. Alik has expressed very similar views to yours — which I now fully understand. I thank you both once again.


Naszego - Is this the relationship between the speaker and father, or speaker and their partner, or could be either? Secondly, is Związek strictly a romantic relationship?


I think that "the speaker and father" is technically a possible interpretation, but for 99% it's "speaker and their partner".

Similarly, "związek" could possibly refer to some other relation, but unless the context specifies it in a different way, it's almost certainly a romantic relationship.


My father does not accept our Union (nie sprecyzowano o jaki związek chodzi!)


Union is kind of formal and mainly means marriage for the union between individuals. It is a subset of relationship, so it is too specific.

This sentence may refer to friendship, not only to romantic relationship.

The diki.pl dictionary lists union (meaning marriage) only in the fifth position.

Cambridge Dictionary does not even list it in the English-Polish dictionary and Merriam-Webster dictionary does not list relationship among the synonyms.


And Lexico (based on the OED) lists it in the third position, but I too would say that it is overtly formal, nearly obsolete nowadays, although it is not marked as such, so that those are just my two cents. I think I would allow it if I were a moderator, but would not place it in any prominent position such as the top answer. It's not wrong, just not used as often nowadays as may have been in the past.



"approve" is still not accepted...


Does "My father is not accepting our relationship" also work?


I used the word 'union', which does mean relationship but more as in a marriage, but it was not accepted

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