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  5. "May I have a drink now?"

"May I have a drink now?"

Translation:Ga i ddiod nawr?

April 9, 2016



When do you use 'diod' and when 'ddiod'?! Confused!


Have you read https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Gai ?

It explains that soft mutation is used after Ga i (among other places).


This should've been asked when I first encountered it, but how do you pronounce w-with-curve-over-it and how do you type it? I couldn't find a keyboard for Cymraeg or Gymraeg.


ŵ is one of the characters on the Duo character palette for Welsh just underneath the questions. Most keyboards also have options to type accented letters quite easily, though - see the discussion here

The ^ accent is usually called to bach (a little roof) or, more formally, acen grom (a circumflex accent)

The effect of the to bach is to make the vowel a long one, especially if it would otherwise be a short one. Sometimes the long/short vowel versions of a spelling can be different words with different meanings, for example:

  • gem, gêm - a gem, a game
  • ton, tôn - a wave, a tune/tone
  • gŵydd, gwŷdd - a goose, a loom
  • can, cân - a can, a song

However, vowels can be long even without the to bach. Duo's computer-generated voice usually gets them right.

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