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  5. "Która golarka jest twoja?"

"Która golarka jest twoja?"

Translation:Which razor is yours?

April 9, 2016



English is my first language. Irrespective of grammar rules, which is your razor should be accepted...most people would use it and it ought to be accepted.


I answered... "which is your razor?" And it was wrong. How would that be said? Just a different word order?


Well, "Which is your razor?" violates the Pied-piping rule that Wh-movement follows, so it is a bad style English(even if accepted in colloquial parlance), at least as far as I know.

"Which one is your razor?" would be "Która to twoja golarka?".


I see. I didn't realize "which is your razor" (without one) is not correct. English is my second language. Thank you for the reply!

EDIT: have a lingot


It does not specify "electric" razer anywhere in the sentence.


It doesn't but they often are. The accepted versions are: razor, shaver, electric razor, electric shaver.


An electric shaving machine should be "maszynka do golenia". I would assume "żyletka" is the most common form of an actual razor.


From what I understand, "żyletka" is "razor blade".

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