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  5. "Yes, I had dry weather."

"Yes, I had dry weather."

Translation:Do, ges i dywydd sych.

April 9, 2016



'Cefais' is here as a correct answer, is this a variant form or does it mean something slightly different?


cefais i is a variant, often used in writing or in slightly more formal speech than its shortened form ces i. You will often find cefais i, cafodd e/hi and so on in media reports, for example.


Thansk! Just wondering does this go for the other verbs which follow the pattern, ie. 'efais i' for mynd or is it specifically a form of cael?


This one is for some forms of cael only. If you get hold of a grammar book such as 'Welsh Rules' it will cover some of the variations that are commonly found.

You might find it useful to make some tables of the conjugations of the main irregular verbs - bod, mynd, dod, gwneud, cael - with space to add common variations. There are some clear patterns that emerge, and some exceptions to the patterns. www.gweiadur.com (you will need to register for free) shows conjugation tables of verbs, so you could use those as a starter - stick with the 'informal/anffurfiol' forms of conjugations for now.

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