"Ти без друга?"

Translation:Are you without a friend?

2 years ago


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I believe this sentence should be removed, at least if I understand it correctly. Based on my Russian knowledge (native speaker), this sentence would mean something like "You came without a friend?" when you're coming to a party or something. However, in English "Are you without a friend?" means "Do you have no friends?". Translating this sentence directly is therefore misleading. Is the Ukrainian meaning the same as the Russian?

2 years ago

[deactivated user]

    Yes, Ukrainian means the same thing as the Russian «Ты без друга?».

    2 years ago


    I guess that explains why it didn't accept, "You don't have a friend?"

    1 year ago


    I agree—the English makes almost no sense to me as a native speaker.

    1 year ago

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    In English, "without a friend", "without any friends", and "without friends" are generally interchangeable. I don't see why one of these should be accepted and not the other versions, unless there is something in the Ukrainian version that specifically focuses on the number one.

    1 year ago
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