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Second Serbian lesson: Introduction

Hello- Zdravo, Ćao [slang: Eeee de si? (very, very informal, and grammatically, totally incorrect]/ Здраво, Ћао [slang: Ееее де си? (very, very informal, and grammatically, totally incorrect]______ informal

Good day- Dobar dan/ Добар дан______ formal

How are you?- Kako si?/ Како си?__ informal

How are you?- Kako ste?/ Како сте?__ formal

My name is (Stefan).- Zovem se (Stefan)./ Зовем се (Стефан).

What's your name?- Kako se zoveš?/ Како се зовеш?__ informal

What's your name?- Kako se zovete?/ Како се зовете?__ formal

How old are you?- Koliko imaš godina?/ Колико имаш година?__ informal

How old are you?- Koliko imate godina?/ Колико имате година?__ formal

I am (twelve) years old- Imam (dvanaest) godina/ Имам (дванаест) година.

I live in ...- Živim u .../ Живим у ...

I'm from ...- Ja sam iz ... or Dolazim iz .../ Ја сам из ... or Долазим из...

Where are you from?- Odakle dolaziš?/ Одакле долазиш?__ informal

Where are you from?- Odakle dolazite?/ Одакле долазите?__ formal

Where do you live?- Gde živiš?/ Где живиш?__ informal

Where do you live?- Gde živite?/ Где живите?__ formal

Nice to meet you!- Drago mi je!/ Драго ми је!

See you ...- Vidimo se .../ Видимо се ...

Bye- Ćao/ Ћао__ informal

Bye- Doviđenja/ Довиђења__ formal

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Table of contents: Serbian lessons

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Third Serbian lesson: Verb "to be"

I hope I helped you! :) Vidimo se!

April 9, 2016



Great work! Really glad to see Serbian becoming a thing on Duolingo :) But the 'How are you called?' sentence may sound unusual to English speakers because it isn't commonly said. Perhaps "Kako se zoveš?" would be good instead of "Koje je tvoje ime?" Just a suggestion, I love these so far :) Veliki pozdrav!


Thanks! I'm very happy someone is interested in Serbian! You are totally right...


You can add: "Dobro jutro", "Dobro veće" and "Laku Noć"


That will be in the next part... Thanks for suggestion... Dobro veče*


Oops, I still can't deal with č and ć...


It's totally Ok... It also sometimes happen to me (even though my mother tongue is Serbian)... I can't deal with è and é in Italian... :D

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