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"I am here, thinking about my wife."

Translation:Estou aqui, pensando sobre a minha mulher.

January 22, 2013



"Eu estou aqui, pensando em minha esposa." rejected. Not sure why.


For "I am here, thinking about my wife," I put, "Eu estou aqui, pensado na minha esposa." It only accepts "sobre minha esposa."

I thought pensar used the preposition "em"? Am I right?


Barbeito and ketoacidosis (don't forget the insulin, guy!), report it because although think about = pensar sobre and think of = pensar em, in this case the best translation should be "pensar em" because one usually "pensa sobre alguma coisa" and "pensa em alguém".


Why is "Eu estou aqui, achando sobre a minha esposa" incorrect?


"Achar" is to think when you're giving an opinion (I think you're not sure about when to use "pensar" or achar". Eu acho que você não tem a certeza de quando deve utilizar "pensar" ou "achar). I can never be used when you're thinking about someone (which is always "pensar em" ou "pensar sobre").

P.S. "Pensar" can also be used for opinions you gave some thought about (that are supposed to come from a thought process instead of a personal opinion), but in the course you should use "achar" for those cases just to be sure.

Good luck with your studies :)


Obrigadíssima pelas dicas, Luis. Sempre comentários ótimos! Another lingot for you.


De nada! É sempre um prazer poder ajudar os nossos alunos :) I should probably give Scrooge McDuck a call - I may need to rent a room in his vault to store my lingots! Thank you so much for always being so kind, helpful and supportive (to me and to everybody else here); it's people like you that make me want to come back everyday and help out some more!


"achar" = find "pensar" = think

I'm thinking about my mom = "(Eu) estou pensando na minha mãe"

I find my mom very beautiful = "Eu acho a minha mãe muito bonita"

Also, the other meanings of find can be translated as "achar", like for example

I found my keys = "Eu achei as minhas chaves"


Says I have a typo because I didn't provide "estou aqui, pensando na minha mulher." "na" wasn't one of the options, but "a" was.

Help me understand why the translation wouldn't end with 'esposa' rather than 'mulher'. We wouldn't say "I'm thinking about my woman" when we meant "thinking about my wife."


Can you not pensando da minha esposa?

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