"Es ist Wein."

Translation:It is wine.

January 22, 2013

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I typed "isst" instead of "ist" for the "Listen and type in German" and it was counted correct.


Wow i did not know we could "eat" wine!


Neither did I! But I wonder if you could make deep-fried wine and eat that... (like deep-fried beer)


Same here. I was quite confused for a moment.


Mine too..I later realised that i was wrong but not marked as that


I thought it said "Es ist mein." I guess I should've known since I'm doing the food category .-.


To answer both questions so far: first, ist is a form of sein ("to be" in english) and isst is a form of essen ("to eat" in english). Since wine is a liquid if you were consuming it you would use a form of trinken Second Es is a form of das, so you were on the right track.


I tried "Est ist Wein" and it didn't correct me on any spelling.. how is that different from what should be the correct answer "Es ist Wein?" (Est vs Es)


Edit: Thanks skelkingur - as I figured out now, not only that it is not a German word, it's also not an English word xD.


"Est" is not a german word. I guess it was marked correct because it was considered a typo.


So, hypothetically speaking, how would someone say "It eats wine" or doesn't german allow for such silliness?

Could it be: Es frisst Wein?


"Es isst Wein" would probably be fine, although many people would assume you were trying to say "Es ist Wein." Apparently there's a slight difference in sound between "ist" and "isst," but I've only heard the computer voice so I wouldn't be able to tell.


Okay, so I just found out that apparently I couldn't translate "Es ist wein" into "This is wine." But why..? As a non-native both in English and German, I find it really confusing. Why is it that I can only use "es" for "it" but not "this"?

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