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Lesson practice button

Is the "Lesson practice" button supposed to ask me about things that aren't completely gold? I've been doing it for around two hours now and it refuses to ask me questions related to my non-gold topics. Instead, it seems to ask about everything else.

Or am I supposed to just do "Practice skill" inside the non-gold topics?

Also, how many topics "should" become non-gold each day? It's gotten to the point where I can't even learn anything new lower in the tree because I just spend all my time trying to turn everything gold again.

January 12, 2014

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Yes, the lesson practice is supposed to ask you questions that help you to make your tree gold again (Except for the questions given are for the entire tree) . "Practice skill" is also another way to review, but it only reviews one skill.

For how many skills are supposed to lose their golden color, I don't know, but every single word has a decay rate, and yes, I know how you feel about the decay rate which is too fast. (I once lost 23 golden skills once, when I woke up the next day)Try going through the tree fist, then making it golden.

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