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  5. I like the new colors.


I like the new colors.

I was shocked a little while ago when I turned on the computer and saw that all the golden squares had turned back to their original colors! Then I saw that the gold bars were still just as filled in as they had been when I left it last. Whew!!!!!!!

I really like the colorful new layout. Is this the first step in making it more like the apps?

Update: I'm back to all gold again! Apparently it was just a technical glitch in my computer - see comment by Usagiboy7 below. Sorry if I got you all excited for nothing.

January 12, 2014



Hi afdhein,

As far as I know, golden icons = full bars. Icons of a different color = decayed skills regardless of the layout. If you are showing full bars but decayed colors, you might be experiencing a technical glitch.

I suggest moving your discussion to the Troubleshooting forum. If you need instructions, go here www.duolingo.com/comment/1254215 and go to the last bullet point.

Good luck!


Or it could just be another Beta test.. ..you know as well as I, that Duo is always testing something new!
(BTW, ..not to knock your suggestion, but I think that General Discussion is the right place for this, we are not even sure if it is a glitch or not!)


So, so true LOL. Certainly keeps us on our feet. And often, the Mods get no warning! (Sometimes I feel like I need extra feet just for keeping on my feet) xD


To Usagiboy and wazzie: It was a glitch. When I turned on my computer earlier, it was all gold again. I usually use Google Chrome as my browser, but it was down last night, so I used Internet Explorer. Thus, the pretty colors. When I switched to Explorer again, Bingo! The colors were back. They really are pretty, but I like the gold too!

Usagiboy, since I never in a Blue Moon use the Internet Explorer, it's no big deal to me. I think it is probably my own Compaq Vista laptop which is getting old. But if you think Duolingo should know about it, please let me know and and I will contact them.

Thanks for all your help! Anne


Anne, yeah I'd let them know over in Troubleshooting, just in case. I imagine they already know but if not it'll be good info.



What can I say, Usagiboy is always full of good advice ;)


Done! Thanks for your help. By the way, I really like your guides. I have read them before. The Duolingo community is lucky to have people like you.


Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you like them. Myself and others are always finding ways to update them, so it's always possible that new information has been added. (For instance, I've made updates the last four days in a row and people have added 3 new guides. :'D)


I guess you got the layout change. They said they wanted to make a uniform look across all the apps and the web version. I can't wait to get it, I think it looks great.


Sorry I got you excited for nothing. But maybe that new layout will be here soon anyhow.


in before: "But how am I supposed to keep my tree golden now? That's my main motivation."

btw... I understand that^^


I like keeping my tree golden too! At least the top part! Lol

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