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Turkish Books

I was thinking of buying "I Study Turkish By Myself" and I wanted to know a) if anyone has read it and would recommend it b) if they have other book recommendations.

Also, when we finish the whole Turkish course on Duolingo what level will we approximately be at?


April 9, 2016



I'm only halfway done with the tree, but the textbook I use is "The Delights of Learning Turkish" Beginner to intermediate by Yasar Esendal Kuzucu. The book is very long and full of exercises. It has no audio but as you know, Turkish pronunciation is straightforward and consistent.

I highly recommend the book, which you can find off amazon for under $30. Turkish really started to make sense once I reached unit 5 in this book, along with a memrise.com course. Hope this helps, love to see other Turkish learners around here.


I did look at it before on Amazon but I wasn't sure if it would be any good but I'll definitely look into it now :)


türkce ve almanca cocuk kitaplar aldim:

1) "Luke and Lily" its a story for preschool kid about the friendship topic. I got it in english, türkish and german. türkish i ordered with cd so i hear the story telling. (LEarn like kids do, through listening comprehension)

2) "Maria sag Mama"-"Meryem anne de!" Dialogues to read and listen to. This book`s cd is not as relaxed to hear as the Luke and Lili Story but its really easy and repeating whicht is supporting 2 learn! I started reading loud out of it, i stuck in reading a lot and those short sentences are more motavating for me to read

3) I bought a turkish child book also, i just cant find it right now. I dont get it yet... I have to practise on. The author is turkish and -of course - he used the passive a lot 2 tell the story (i will get it someday)


Dialogues, türk. childbooks with expressive illustrations, Bi ligual books, poems are helpful to me!


awww second question: i was 11-12 i think... the turkish tree is short compared to the german. I ran too fast through the serveral topics. I still dont get a few tenses and topics.

Passive. Ki-suffix. lazim. senin seni sana. While & When. If. Relative Pronouns. :c)

I learned the sentences in & out but building my own....? :o) Not easy yet


yea i've been listening to a lot of turkish music to help me practise my listening and learn new vocab


Bro Turkish pelling is easy


ok ama inglizceden daha kolay ...


b) Turkish PDQ: Quick language course.


YouTube'dan korslar izlesiniz , bunlar beni çok yardım etti yani bunu dene ! Belki sizde onlar faydalı bulacaksınız ... Ama Ben genelikle arapça korsular izliyorum ... Teşekkürler

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