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Norwegian Immersion: list of articles (no->en)

The entire Immersion section is disabled since Jan 20, 2017. RIP.

LAST UPDATE: December 04, 2016 in All Things Norsk: General; People; Food and Drink; Languages and Language Learning; Nature and Natural Sciences; Entertainment and Culture; Other

Special signs:

  • § - an older but still untranslated article
  • & - an article in Nynorsk
    Use them for page search to find these particular ones in case you are interested

All links now have the same format - in case something doesn't open or opens wrong, please tell me here or in my stream.

This topic is created to list and categorize articles in Norwegian Immersion.
You will find the list of articles below, but first some general announcements.

To discuss Norwegian Immersion in general or to share your comments and suggestions, please use this thread:


How do I open Norwegian Immersion?

The following works only for people who have Immersion in the A/B test:

  1. Load Duolingo in the language that naturally has Immersion. This can be any page except Immersion itself.
  2. Open another Duolingo tab and in this tab (#2) switch language back to Norwegian.
  3. Now get back to the first tab (tab #1) and - without changing the language! - click on Immersion there. Voila! You will have a list of articles, upvotes/downvotes and all the usual stuff, but for Norwegian.

If you don't have Immersion at all (on the wrong side of A/B test), your only way is to open direct links from below or other people's activity feeds.

Tip 1: If you can't see all articles, make sure that in the "Progress" menu on the right side of Immersion interface you have ticks in all three categories ("Needs to be translated", "Needs to be checked", "Finished") or choose the type of articles you want to focus on.

Tip 2: To get exp points for Norwegian make sure that Norwegian is your selected language when you are doing your translation.

How do I upload an article?

Instructions here.

How does this thread work?

In the OP you will find a list of categories. In the comment section below each comment is a category with with links for related articles. Each of them is updated as soon as I spot new articles.

If you uploaded a new article yourself and want to link it straight away, please use respective category - post your comment with the title and the link in the respective thread (and if you don’t want to post anything, don’t worry, it’s not a must).

E.g.: Use "People" if you have an article about a particular Norwegian king. But for an article about Norwegian monarchy in general post your comment in "All Things Norsk", for monarchies of other countries (even if Norwegian royalty is mentioned there) use "Other Countries and Cultures", and for the history or monarchy or comparative analysis use "Historical / Social / Cultural" (again, even if Norwegian royalty is mentioned). The category depends on the actual content of the article.

Tip 3: use page search to quickly find the needed category in the comment section, search for the category name or the word "Update". There are also quite a few not so new articles that are still untranslated fully or partially, they are marked with "§" sign. You can use it for page search as well.

Tip 4: if you want your translation to be noticed sooner, try articles that are in the bottom or under "Update" tag list or closer to the top in the Immersion interface. If you decided to finish an older article and want help or if you need a piece of advice or proofreading, you can always ask someone (i.e. me or other frequenters) to check your article directly in our streams.


  • All Things Norsk: General - for everything related to Norway and Norwegian culture and society, either modern or throughout the history (except food, geography and particular people)

  • All Things Norsk: Recent Events - a subcategory of the first one for all news and recent events in Norway

  • Viking / Norse culture - a subsection dedicated specifically to everything related to Vikings, traditional Norwegian paganism, its culture and historical events

  • Other Countries and Cultures - self-explanatory :) includes everything from all times and all places except Norway

  • Places - for everything geographical and travel-related

  • People - any articles about particular figures in history and modern times, inlcuding notable Norwegian people (writers, rulers, politicians etc.)

  • Food and Drink - for everything yummy and delicious, including that of Norwegian origin

  • Languages and Language Learning - everything related to languages, linguistics, etymology, etc

  • Historical / Social / Cultural - everything related to social studies such as history, sociology, psychology etc. Also holidays and traditions.

  • Nature and Natural Sciences, Environment - everything about the natural world around us

  • Entertainment and Culture - for art and modern culture in general (for music, literature and art but not for artists / musicians / writers and Norwegian figures - they all belong to People)

  • Opinions - blogs, columnists, debates

  • Other - for articles that don't fit anything above.

Thanks ^^

For any questions and comments please use the original thread:


April 9, 2016



Is the Norwegian Immersion new? I thought they only had immersion for some of the more popular languages...


you will find instructions on how to use it in the main post (linked in the OP)


Wouldn't it be a good idea to put a link to this post in the discusssion section of any newly uploaded document?


That's a good idea too.


Just wanted to brag: see how beautiful the first category is now :D


Thank you for all the hard work you put into this.


thank you, it was a glorious time


Slik jeg kan finne den når jeg er klar.


Just drawing your attention to just added Last Update line on top with date and categories updated for easier tracking.


I'm spellbound by your talents, cute! Shame on me, but Norwegian (and other Scandi languages) always seemed to me kind of excessive coz all of them are kind of speaking perfect English. But still... there is a lot of hidden charm in it which I clearely understand... especially as someone considering to strat Bulgarian:)))


Hopefully Bulgarian will be launched here one day too ^^



Just found this site ... the link is for a PICTURE DICTIONARY for the basic nouns, separated into topics like the body or food etc. ! you can also choose other languages.

I was searching for the Norwegian version of "Webster". is there a online Norwegian dictionary with "The Word of the Day"?


god bless you for the picture doctionary <3


Chop-chop, an update! Listed all the articles that were uploaded since I last looked into immersion + a bunch of new ones, enjoy!


I uploaded a few more. One guy at the bottom of this thread requested an upload of an English to Norwegian article about Oslo, https://www.duolingo.com/translation/cf5700e34118ab1b3be7d9d42385681c

And then I uploaded a couple of Norwegian to English articles,


Please update the list accordingly.


Could you help me pls - I'm trying to translate a text about beer, but there's an excerpt that I just can not do because it shows the message 'Translation does not seem correct'. In fact, the sentence in english does not seem to make much sense - But I can be wrong cause I'm not a native speaker... !


This the excerpt that I can't submit

The difference to wine is that with wine, sugars from plants, such as fruit sugar, or that made by animals is used.


You will need to copy the sentence because the link just leads to the general article, not to the specific part.


In general, all alcoholic drinks where yeast turns sugar into alcohol are called beer. In these cases, distillation is not used. The difference to wine is that with wine, sugars from plants, such as fruit sugar, or that made by animals is used. As an example, mead is a wine made from honey.

I have to agree the sentence is not very clear. What about:

  • The difference of wine from beer is that wine uses plant sugars, such as fruit sugars or sugars made by animals.
  • Unlike beer, wine uses plant sugars, such as fruit sugars or sugars made by animals.


I tried that a lot but it did not even freaking work ... Aargh ! The page apparently doesn't accept anything I try to submit - although it is correct. I better give up 'fore I get... !

Thanks both anyway!



Can you give a hand with this article about beer - Proofreading ?



Takk, Jeg forventer at det er ikke virkelig dårlig!


Why do we need to cheat Duolingo in order to access Norwegian Immersion? (in my case, it wasn't fooled) Is there problem for Norwegian Immersion? It isn't Beta anymore, right? =/


Duolingo has stopped developing Immersion, so they aren't adding it for new courses.


Really? That's terrible... Did they give any explanation for it?


They were originally looking at immersion as a means to make money to support the site. They decided that wasn't viable, so they've stopped developing it. But they've left it for the courses which had it, and staff are aware of this hack for other languages and have said they're not interested in stopping it.


Oh... Such a shame, I think. Anyway, thank you for the explanation.


You're very welcome!


I was trying to follow your tips and upload an article for Norwegian Immersion, but I failed. Could anyone, please, upload this for me? From English to Norwegian. https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oslo


Thank you, but it shows translation to unspecified language. :(


Olga used the language code no rather than nb. If you want Norsk Bokmål, you have to use the code nb. The code no is just a generic Norwegian, rather than Bokmål or Nynorsk.

If you are still interested, here is the article:



Thank you so much!!!

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