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  5. "Dwedais i y baset ti'n iawn."

"Dwedais i y baset ti'n iawn."

Translation:I said that you would be OK.

April 9, 2016


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What is the purpose/meaning of "y" in this sentence?

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'Y' stands for the 'that in the sentence


Not a construction "that" I have seen before! Another one to add to bod & taw.

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There is a good explanation of when to use "y", when to use "taw" and when to use "bod" in Gareth King's Modern Welsh Dictionary, see http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CkBXrgRXIAAYa4B.jpg


I had forgotten, or perhaps never knew, how many meanings "that" has! But as a conjunction, it is basically bod if the independent clause is bod, otherwise y? Diolch, all.


Could you also use bod here? “Dwedais i (dy?) fod di’n iawn“?


So this is using bas- for reported speech, like "would" is used to report an original "will" in English? What did the person originally say? "Byddi ti'n iawn?"


Yes, that's one use for it. And you can use bas- forms for a straightforward conditional as well, as in English:

  • Baswn i'n hoffi bwyta. - I would like to eat.
  • Basai fe'n mynd i gwrdd â Siôn, ond mae e wedi blino'n lân. - He would go to meet Siôn, but he is tired out.
  • Dw i'n siŵr basai hi eisiau dod gyda ni - I'm sure that she would want to come with us.
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