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Guide to Managing Duolingo Notifications with Gmail etc.

Part of the A Guide to finding Duolingo Guides series http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1278938

Currently, most updated version of the this guide is here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Immersion_Navigation_Guide_%28Unofficial%29 However, soon I'll be updating the on-site guide to match! ^_^

If you have a gmail account, you can create a folder into which you can automatically filter all of your Duolingo notifications. This will keep the notifications in one place and not in your inbox getting mixed up with your other emails. (I have mine set up just for notifications. To set up your own folder for notifications, follow these directions:

Steps 1-3

Alt text

Step 4

Alt text

Step 5 This is the finished product. My Notifications don't clutter my inbox, they all go into a folder of their own in the order that they arrive.

Alt text

I hope this helps ! ^_^


1. This does not include responses from Support or Staff. I would need to add those emails separately. But, I prefer getting those directly in my inbox.

2. I'm using Windows 7/Firefox, but I'm guessing this will work for folks so long as they are on Gmail. (You might need to be on a computer initially to set this up, rather than a mobile device. But, once it's set up, you should be able to access it from a mobile device. I'll edit this if I get updated info.)

3. **FOR YAHOO MAIL** go to the gear icon, select **Settings**, then **Filters**

If You Want to Change Which Notifications You Receive

Beta Layout Step 1

Alt text

Beta Layout Step 2-3: change your settings and click "Save Changes"

alt text

On 90% Layout Step 1: click the gear circled in pink and go from there.

Alt text

January 12, 2014



This just isn't for gmail either. You could follow similar steps using Outlook or Yahoo! or most other email servers :)


I didn't realize. That's good to know!


Note: On mobile devices, one can switch to desktop view and then apply the changes that you pointed out.

Note: In mobila devici, one peu changu ad desktopa vise et ela appliqu u changi quo vi isolatiu.


Just a note, you should probably blur out your gmail address, you wouldn't want spammers sending you nonsense.


oh blargy! I missed a spot! Well, i'm happy to report that i just received the option to give lingots and you can be my first recipient. :)


It seems you are missing a picture after step 4. You use no-reply@duolingo.com as the address, then what? How do you make it go to a folder called "Duolingo"?


@Bennemann, I think I'm actually missing step 1. Step one is you have to create the label Duolingo. Then you manage the label by putting in the filter. :) Thanks!

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