"He gave the dog an egg."

Terjemahan:Dia memberi anjing itu telur.

April 9, 2016

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I use this to learn Indonesian. Why is it 'an egg' and not just 'egg'. It does not say sebuah ( or what is the correct version for egg?).

April 9, 2016


I think because "he gave the dog egg" is rather weird in English?

You are correct, they should add "sebutir" (sebuah for egg) between "itu" and "telur." Please report it :) although the current solution is also correct in informal indonesian.

April 10, 2016


But I think "He gave the dog eggs" is correct in English.

The fact that is only one egg, in the Indonesian sentence, is not really obvious, isn't it?

March 29, 2017


I re-read the question and I think my previous answer is ambiguous. Yes, "He gave the dog eggs" and "He gave the dog an egg" are correct in English and should be the correct solution for this sentence, but "He gave the dog egg" is grammatically incorrect and should not be the right answer.

April 2, 2017


Maybe it's only my bad English.

April 2, 2017


dia memberi anjing itu sebutir telur

May 20, 2017


did the dog eat an egg?

October 20, 2017


Yes, it did.

April 6, 2018
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