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"Zwykle jem chleb na śniadanie."

Translation:I usually eat bread for breakfast.

April 10, 2016



Is ZWYKLE different from ZAZWYCZAJ?


"zazwyczaj" sounds a bit stronger to me, but I guess you can say they're synonymous.

Maybe "zwykle" would be like 60% of the time, and "zazwyczaj" 80-90%... but that's a personal feel, I cannot talk about it like a fact.


Why sniadanie in the nominative? I thought I had to use the locative after na.


It's Accusative. Look at comments under this sentence: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13298659


should not be in general or generally accepted ? even thoufgh i know that literally w ogole means in general. In English you use usually and generally pretty much in the same way...


Generally/in general are close enough for me, but I'm not a contributor to the course, they may have reasons not to accept these words.

W ogóle cannot be used as a synonym of usually, it's hard for me to describe its usage, it's another meaning of generally or the meanings shifted boundaries between languages. Most importantly, w ogóle means "at all". Na ogół, however, could work in place of zwykle.


"generally" worked already, I added "In general".

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