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"Mae rhywbeth yn bod arnat ti."

Translation:There is something wrong with you.

April 10, 2016



I put 'something is bothering you'. Contextually, is this correct?


I would say no since if I was to translate 'something is bothering you' it would be "Mae rhywbeth yn dy boeni di".


Is this as in health, or questioning behaviour? Or is it variable, like English?


I would assume that it is as variable as in English


I'm not a native English speaker, but "there is something the matter with you" doesn't quite sound right to me. I also had one before with something like "there's nothing the matter with...". Is this construction really used in English or is this a mistake of the system?


It is not a mistake, it is a commonly used idiom with the same meaning as 'there is something wrong with you'


Ok, cheers. I've only ever heard it in the form of "what's the matter with", never "something the matter with". Thanks for clearing that up!

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