"My grandmother walks slowly."

Translation:Moja babcia chodzi wolno.

April 10, 2016

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I said "Moja babcia idzie powoli" and it was counted as incorrect although "idzie" and "chodzi" means the same thing.


doulingo is rather consistent in making you translate "she walks/goes= chodzi and she is walking/going = idzie.


Is there a significant difference between wolno and powoli?


"wolno" has other meanings, but both mean "slowly". In terms of "slowly", the difference seems rather stylistic to me... frankly, I'd go with "powoli" here myself.


The tips section of this Adverb series starts off with "Polish Adverbs do not like to be at the end of sentences" (in bold type). Yet, this exercise does exactly that. How important is it to not place the adverb at the sentence end?


Well, it depends on what you want to stress, what is more likely. Here we have a choice between "she walks and she does it slowly, because she's old" and "she does something slowly, that something is walking". The first interpretation seems more likely. But very often the interpretation that emphasizes the adverb is quite odd.

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