April 10, 2016

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Please gomans ka pryog Na kre. Is question ko hataye


Please Remove the word beef


Its a Humble request .... Kindly please remove this word BEEF from all the learning lessons ... It hurts an entire Hindu community .... Hope you understand this point clearly ...


Why does it hurt the entire Hindu community? I understand that Hindus don't eat beef, but, Duolingo isn't trying to offend anyone. It's actually beneficial that you learn the word "beef". imagine a Hindu going to an English speaking location not knowing the English word "beef"... 1) they would not be able to explain to someone that they don't eat it.. 2) they might accidentally buy it at a store not knowing it was "beef"... so many things could go wrong..think of it as Duolingo protecting Hindus from being in awkward or humiliation situations :)))


In that way you are right. Dear Lena :))

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