"Rhan amser dw i'n gweithio nawr."

Translation:I work part-time now.

April 10, 2016

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strange word order... like yoda?


Not in Welsh. It is more common in Welsh than in English to change the word order for emphasis - the thing being emphasised - rhan amser, here - is moved to the front of the sentence. This is more or less always done in 'identification' sentences, where the thing being emphasised is someone's name or occupation:

  • Dewi yw hwnna - That's Dewi
  • Mecanic yw e - He is a mechanic
  • Arddwr ydw i - I'm a ploughman

And with other things being emphasised:

  • Dim ond rhan amser mae e'n gweithio nawr - He just works part-time now.
  • Yn Swyddfa'r Post mae hi'n gweithio nawr, nid yn y llyfrgell - She works in the Post Office now, not in the library.


Oh thank you for your help! :-)


Isn't "rhan-amser" hyphenated? I thought it was earlier in the course.


One major dictionary shows it hyphenated, another has it unhyphenated. Either will do.


Can you add the hyphenated version as a correct option then? Also in other places in this lesson.

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