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  5. "Mi wna i wisgo sgert heddiw."

"Mi wna i wisgo sgert heddiw."

Translation:I will wear a skirt today.

April 10, 2016



What's the function of "mi?"


The pre-verbal particles fe, mi are sometimes used to mark a verb as being affirmative. Both cause a soft mutation of the verb. Unless you are with people who are using them, it is easiest to leave them out - just be aware that some people do use them.


Am I right in thinking that "mi wna i wisgo sgert", "bydda i'n gwisgo sgert" and "gwna i wisgo sgert" all mean the same thing?


As explained above, the mi/fe particle is optional. It makes no difference at at all to the meaning of a positive statement.


  • Gwna i wisgo... means 'I will wear...'
  • Bydda i'n gwisgo means both 'I will wear...' and 'I will be wearing...'

The difference being that bydda i, etc is used for a future continuous tense.


Why not, "I will be wearing a skirt today"?


Wouldn't that be “Mi fydda i'n gwisgo sgert heddiw” ?

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