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  5. "Who is this?"

"Who is this?"

Translation:Kto to jest?

April 10, 2016



Why is it wrong to say "Kto jest to"? Can't "kto" and other question words be a replacement of the nouns itself or it doesn't work that way in Polish?


can't "kto" and other question words be a replacement of the nouns ? Yes they are.

Kto jest? is a correct sentence (who is ?)

but the sentence is "who is this?" so you need "to" in the sentence, but "to" in a pronoun, so we don't like to leave it at the end of sentence.


why kto and not kogo? what is the difference?


Cases. This is a very simple, basic sentence "Who is this?", so "who" is the subject and therefore uses Nominative: "kto".

"kogo" could be Accusative or Genitive, so for example "Kogo widzisz?" (Who/Whom do you see), as "widzieć" (to see) takes Accusative.


How do you say who is it?


Do you mean when someone is knocking on the door? It's "Kto tam?", without 'jest'.


Ok, i gotta add...why not "Kim jest?"


Kim is in the instrumental case, which you would use for "NOUN is NOUN" constructions. So the only way "kim jest" could work is if it had an implied pronoun: "Kim on/ona jest?"

But the English sentence says "this" which is just to unspecified for "on/ona", thus it must be translated with the dummy pronoun "to", which happens to require the nominative case.

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