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  5. "They are models."

"They are models."

Translation:Eles são modelos.

January 22, 2013



So it should be Elas sao modelos? Got it. Thanks.


Yes, it's one of those that doesn't change with genders.


"Elas sao modelas" is not acceptable? Seems like it should be.


No. You say "o modelo" for male models and "a modelo" for female models.


I thought "eles" or "elas" were implied in "são" and were therefore optional. Am I right or am I wrong?


It depends of the context. If you are answering a question for example, you don't need the personal pronoun "eles" or "elas" or any other. "O que eles fazem?" / "(Eles) São modelos" In another case, when you are speaking about yourself or you are into a group of people, you also don't need the personal pronoun. Example: "(EU) estou cansado"/ "(NÓS) somos elegantes" But in the case of the exercise it's necessary to use "eles" or "elas"... without "eles" or "elas" it sounds strange.


I agree, the pronoun here should be optional. I reported.


With three and forty (long) days of Portuguese behind me, I believe you are right, if you are not answering "write what you hear" type of questions whereby an eles or elas was voiced.

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I was on my last question and out of hearts. São modelos should have been accepted, or so I'm about to assert.


yet leaving it out was counted wrong. reported.


well the hover-over hint of 'modela' is wrong then


Not sure of which hint, but "modela" is conjugation of the verb. So "you model the dress" might be "você modela o vestido". Making "modela" mean "model", but as a verb.


Yeah! Modela from modelar (to pattern)

Modo Indicativo, tempo verbal presente: Eu modelo; Tu modelas; Ele/Ela MODELA; Nós modelamos; Vós modelais; Eles/Elas modelam....

Português, seu lindo!!! hahauaha...

Don't worry guys...it's not usual in daily portuguese...


What about the plurals that have the "-ais" in them? Like "legais", "reais" and "-ões" like "corações", "informações"?


"Legal" ends in an "L", so when plural you make it "legais". The same with "real" which becomes "reais". The other two end in "-ão" (coração) so change to "ões" (it, like -ão, has a nasal sound that takes a while to get) for plural (corações). "Modelo" ends with an "O", so gets an 'S'.

There are exceptions to these rules (see "mão"), but for a huge majority of words like those that's how you pluralize.


Can we use "estão' here?


No. With professions and occupations, always use "ser".


How do you pronounce 'modelos'? Is it the same as spanish? It's hard to tell here

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