Hello everyone! Is someone there ?

January 12, 2014

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Hello!!My name is Kamarilla and you?

hi my name is oumaima

my naame is Jean-Baptiste. How are you?

:) hi ... what is your from oumaima ?

hi my name is alvares i speak french and spanish,i need someone to pratice english

nice to meet you i am hamza

yes, Hi how are you?

hello, i am french and i speak a little english, i learn english with a teacher, but i do not speak very well. i hope speak correctly this language with you. thank you for all. see you later. My name is bertrand. i am forty three. and you...

Hello, bertrand! I am The_Doctor, I can speak enough Spanish to cope, I am fluent in English, a tad of Portuguese. You actually speak considerably well, a lot of people I know don't speak it that well

hello ... i have the same problem as you , i am moroccan ... if you want to speak English add me as freind

hi, my name is Nicolas and i would like to speak english very well.

It's slightly amusing to witness this :P as I already know English

Hello ,My name is Saiid :p

good evening! i am a beginner in english language

Hello How are you?

there are what you would

hi! I'm hanna and you?

Hi Hanna what's up! my name is Ahmed

Hi Maryam, How are you !

I am fine thanks and yoi

would you like to discuss with me?

yes we are here lol

Hello, my name aïcha Guendouz. I'm 14 and a half years I was born on August 1, 2000 gorges I have questions to ask you is what tells you that his friend have either both or not tell me how you called yourself and your age goodbye aicha

Hello! I'm here

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