"Where are you going?"

Translation:Gdzie idziesz?

April 10, 2016

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haha, I knew the [not taught yet] word „dokąd“, thank you for accepting it :)


In my opinion "dokąd" and "gdzie" have different meanings. "Dokąd idziecie?" means in "In what direction are you going?", while "Gdzie idziecie?" means "In what place are you going?"

I'm not 100% sure, so correct me please if I'm wrong.


Well, yes and no. "dokąd" is definitely the best option here, as it refers to direction, and "gdzie" is technically incorrect... but super common. The problem is, that "dokąd" is not taught in this course, so we can only accept it, but we are unable to make it a starred answer.


I think (not native speaker) that dokąd is about destination, while gdzie is about your current place on the way to the final destination.


Is "dokad" more like the Russian куда and "gdzie" like its cognate где? Or is the difference between them a lot more flexible?

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Why is "gdzie chodzisz" wrong?


That means "Where do you go/walk?", regularly. Or possibly "Where are you walking?" if I just told you (on the phone) that I went on a walk and I'm walking around, without any destination.


Not accepting Pan Pani idzie etc


in the dicitionary hints nearly the whole encyclopedia is listed, but "idziesz" is missing :o/


Eh. Someone must have removed it without thinking of different contexts in which English uses "are you going"... I just fixed it, thanks for reporting.

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