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Fifth Serbian lesson: Numbers 1

number- broj/ број

numbers- brojevi/ бројеви

1- jedan/ један

2- dva/ два

3- tri/ три

4- četiri/ четири

5- pet/ пет

6- šest/ шест

7- sedam/ седам

8- osam/ осам

9- devet/ девет

10- deset/ десет

11- jedanaest/ једанаест

12- dvanaest/ дванаест

13- trinaest/ тринаест

14- četrnaest/ четрнаест

15- petnaest/ петнаест

16- šesnaest/ шеснаест

17- sedamnaest/ седамнаест

18- osamnaest/ осамнаест

19- devetnaest/ деветнаест

20- dvadeset/ двадесет

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Congratulations! Now, you can count to 20! If you are younger than 20, now, you can say the entire sentence about your age... For example: "Ja imam dvanest godina./ Ја имам дванаест година."... Ćaoo! :)

April 11, 2016



Thank you! Can you put a table of Contents or a link to the start post into each of these posts?


I don't understand... Try to explain it to me and I'll do that...


I'll leave it like this... Good suggestion, but I don't find it necessary...


Isn't a missing "e" in devet? Keep up the good work, I really look forward to see it completed!


Ooops... Thank you! :)

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