April 11, 2016



Is this different to yn used with places, or is it a regional variant of yn?

April 11, 2016


The preposition yn has three forms based on what letter start the following word, bearing in mind that yn preposition causes nasal mutation:

  • Mae e yn y gegin
  • Mae e'n byw yn Llanelli
  • Mae e'n byw yn Nhreorci (Treorci) - usually pronounced as a single word /ynhreorci/
  • Mae e'n byw yn Nolgellau (Dolgellau) - /ynolgellau/

  • Gwelais i fe ym mis Mai - yn -> ym before m..., mh... /ymis Mai/

  • Mae e'n byw ym Machynlleth /ymachynlleth/
  • Mae e'n byw ym Mangor (Bangor) /ymangor/
  • Mae e'n byw ym Mhont-y-pŵl (Pont-y-pŵl) /ymhont-.../

  • Mae e'n byw yng Nghaerdydd - (Caerdydd) yn -> yng before ng..., ngh... /ynghaerdydd/

  • Mae e'n byw yng Ngarn (Garn) /yngarn/
April 11, 2016


What is e'n please? Is this south Welsh?

April 20, 2016


e/fe is a form of the pronoun 'he'. You will also see it sometimes as o/fo and you may even hear it in some dialects as a/fa.

e/fe is usually heard in dialects in parts of mid and south wales, o/fo in dialects in north and north-west Wales. You will come across both being used in the Welsh media.

There is no such thing, really, as 'south Welsh' - there are 4-5 main dialects in Wales, not two.

April 20, 2016


Thank you very much but oh dear, that seems very complicated. I only know o and hi and fo.

April 22, 2016

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This is a variation on 'yn' which is mainly used with the word for month 'mis' because 'ym mis Mai' flows better than 'yn mis Mai'.

April 11, 2016
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