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"Frimærket blev købt af en journalist mens hun var udenlands."

Translation:The stamp was bought by a journalist while she was abroad.

April 11, 2016



'While' and 'when' are interchangeable in English in this context and both should be accepted.


I agree. I hate getting things wrong when they aren't!


Is this type of sentence more common in Danish than "En journalist kobte en frimaerket mens hun var udenlands"? When do you use the first and when the second one? Or it doesn't matter?

[deactivated user]

    It means the same as the English sentence and is used just as commonly. By putting the sentence in the passive, the focus is on the stamp rather than the journalist.

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    Is "Frimærket købtes af en journalist mens hun var udenlands" also correct?


    "The stamp was purchased by a journalist while she was abroad" was marked incorrect. Is there different words for "purchased" vs. "bought" in Danish?

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