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"Давай пойдём в магазин и купим новый телевизор."

Translation:Let's go to the store and buy a new TV.

April 11, 2016



How can you tell when it's: "go to the/a shop", and when it's "go shopping"? I translated as: "Let's go shopping and buy...", rather than: "Let's go to a shop and buy..."

Should this have been accepted, or is it clear only ONE shop is intended, and it couldn't be "to go shopping", meaning you might try more than one?


It should have been accepted


Спасибо! I'll report it next time.


"Let's go shopping and buy a new television" not accepted. Reported.

"Мы идём в магазин вдвоём" was translated by Duo as "We are going shopping together", so my answer should be accepted.


What the hell is wrong with 'Let's go to the shop and buy a new television set'? To say that is wrong is unacceptable. I'm trying to learn Russian, not incorrect English.


In the lesson before "Давай пойдём в магазин" is translated as "let's go shopping. But now saying "Давай пойдём в магазин" = "let's go shopping" is wrong? I wish there was some consistency with the lessons.


Давай word is read with wrong accent.


Why "market" is wrong?


Because "магазин" isn't a market; it's a shop or store.


Agreed. Still not accepted March 2021


телевизор as a device - is it a TV? May be a TV-set?


Yes. Either is acceptable in English, although "TV set" sounds rather dated these days. Does anybody still talk like that anymore? I suppose the same people who listen to the "wireless".

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