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  5. "Esta es una mesa colectiva."

"Esta es una mesa colectiva."

Translation:This is a collective table.

January 22, 2013



Is this sentence as strange in Spanish as it is in English? Or should it be something like "a joint board", "corporate board", or even "collective bargaining table"?


I think it means shared. According to wikipedia, the colectivo throughout parts of South America refers to public buses, formerly known as "vehĂ­culos de transporte colectivo."


Gracias. Ahora entiendo. :)


I agree, this sentence is just as strange as the one about the "collective bicycle." What is a "collective table" used for? And how is it different from other tables? I'm a native English speaker.


Glad to know I'm not alone!


I agree it's strange, but at least for 'mesa' I can imagine eating at a 'family style' restaurant where dinners share a table. I've also seen a couple of 'collective bicycle' experiments but they usually ended when all the bikes disappeared :)


I'm a native English speaker too. A "collective table" makes me think of unions - this must be the table where "collective agreements" are reached! And then the union reps go home on the "collective bicycle". It's all making sense now. ; )


"shared"should be added here as a possible translation too


mesa is also translated as 'committee' so I put This is a collective committee, which makes more sense than This is a collective table.


"?Mesa colectiva?" "Si, camarada"

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