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  5. "Jakich drzwi szukacie?"

"Jakich drzwi szukacie?"

Translation:What door are you looking for?

April 11, 2016



What's wrong with "Which door are you looking for?" What's the difference between which and what in this sentence?


Który is asking 'which one of the finite set of choices is the one' while Jaki is more like "what kind of":

  • "Którego psa brakuje?" – Is asking which dog is missing; most logical context would be, I don't know, like aftermath of a flood in the kennel and the expected answer would be "Azora"(a dog name).

  • "Jakiego psa brakuje?" – Is asking what kind of dog is missing; most logical context would be if you are preparing for a dog show and you have a list of dog breeds you want on that show, so you ask which breed is still missing; expected answer would be something like "Sznaucera"(A dog breed).

Obviously, there is certain overlap between the two, but generally they ask about somehow different things.

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There is an overlap - this is why indeed the translation "Which door are you looking for?" should be accepted since it is also correct.


Well... I'm not 100% persuaded, but okay, let's accept it. Added.


Seems like you forgot or it got removed again cause I typed it and it came up as incorrect :(


Is drzwi a natural plural? How does the language distinguish between "I paint the door" and "I paint the doors", for example?


It doesn't. If you really need to make it plural, you need to count them and use a collective numeral: for example "two doors" (is this even correct?) is "dwoje drzwi".

If you can't give a specific number but still need to stress the plural... well, that would be really problematic even for a Polish person :|

Sometimes people say something like "dwie pary drzwi" (two pairs of doors?), but this is grammatically dubious, because frankly... does it mean two doors or four doors? It's rather meant as two, but as "para" already means two...


Thanks very much for the reply. :)


So, why isn't "which doors are you looking for?" accepted?


We prefer to keep "what" and "which" separately, they cause enough problems for the learners as it is.


Ah, so it was rejected because I used "which", rather than because I used "doors" in plural?


Yes indeed, 'doors' work :)


i put "what type of door are you looking for" and got it wrong, and i disagree, English is my native language and 'type' and 'sort' are interchangable, and one correct version of the answer is 'what sort of door are you looking for'. Don't see why my answer can't be a 3rd correct option.


Alright, added.


If "jakich" is supposed to mean "what kind of" here, then the English answer should be, "What kind of door are you looking for?" In English, "What door are you looking for?" is just a less formal/correct way of saying, "Which door are you looking for?"


"Which door are you looking for" is something you would ask Sully and Mike at the end of Monsters. Inc. You would answer it by "I am looking for my bathroom door". "What kind of door are you looking for" is something a door salesman would ask you. You would answer with "A wooden door" or "A bomb-proof door".


A red door, and I want it painted black.


"What kind of door are you looking for?" works.

At this stage it's impossible to change the main translation, though.


Am I right in thinking ich means they, and the ending of szukacie- cie, means you? So to me it kind of seems like the the question asked what kind of door are they looking for, but at the same time, what kind of door are you looking for? So I would of thought so say what kind of door are you looking for would be something like Jakcie drzwi szukacie? Or Jacie, or even just Jaka or something that puts cie on the end of Jaka. From the answer being Jakich I can tell this is correct, but can someone please explain to me why Jaka has ich on the end and not cie (this may be a dumb question but I've only been learning Polish a few months so I'm good great yet) thanks


If this is wrong, someone please say so, but I think you must think of this as what kind OF door (in a world of many doors) that you are looking for. That of signals a kind of "possession," or a trait, of doors. Hence the genitive. Yes?


"what kind of" works.

Genitive is simply caused by the verb "szukać", that needs it.


"What door" is wrong as what stands on its own e.g. What is it? What are you doing? "Which" requires a noun after it such as in "In which house do you live?"


"What" also works in an 'adjectival' way, like "What colour is your car?". In this way, it's like asking "what kind".


I wrote: "For what door are you looking?" But that is now unacceptable and a dangling preposition at the end of a sentence is acceptable. Will Strunk and E.B. White just became haunting ghosts.

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