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  5. "Noi abbiamo pochi cavalli."

"Noi abbiamo pochi cavalli."

Translation:We have few horses.

January 12, 2014



Wouldn't you say in English We have A few horses?


(American English speaker) These are two different ideas. 1. we have few horses: we don't have many (emphasizing how few we have). 2. we have a few horses: we have several horses. btw I got it wrong myself.


I agree that there is a distinction in English between "few" and "a few"...but I still think that both translations should be accepted.


No, they shouldn't. These two are quite different. 'A few' and 'a little' have positive meaning, while 'few' and 'little' have negative meaning in a sense. For example, when you say "I have a few friends" that means that you are satisfied with the situation (the number of friends you have), whereas "I have few friends" would suggest that the person saying that complains about the insufficient number of friends, telling us that he wished he had more (friends).


Not sure how to do this on a phone. Trying to paste in a hyperlink to PaoloArman2 post on this issue.


Didn't work I see. I'll figure it out and try to get back.


I would. That's what I wrote and was marked wrong. I thought 'pochi' meant 'few, a few', therefore, where is the error?


April 2014
I agree and let them know.


Agreed, i put that too


Someone (cannot remember who) mentioned that 'poco/pochi/poche' would more likely be "few" and 'un po' di' would be "a few". Can a native Italian respond?


and you wouldn't say we have few horses, unless talking to someone, you would use it to answer to a question...


What about (((a))) few !!????

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