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"Ela não daria um carro para ele."

Translation:She would not give him a car.

April 11, 2016


[deactivated user]

    "Ela não lhe daria um carro" - sim? ou "Ela não daria-lhe um carro" ?


    "Não lhe daria".

    The presence of "não" attracts the pronoun.
    Also, with future and conditional verb conjugations, the pronoun would go in the middle of the verb if "não" wasn't there:

    • Ela dar-lhe-ia (conditional "daria")
    • Ela dar-lhe-á (future "dará")


    I wonder if you could clarify what you mean here by "would go in the middle", is that really "should go" or "could go"? I'd guess the latter and "Ela lhe daria" would also be acceptable in BP, but my favourite Portuguese grammar doesn't cover this point.

    I found a worksheet with some exercises and one of the questions asks us to rewrite "Eu devolverei o livro para ele" using a clitic pronoun and gives the answer as "Eu lhe devolverei o livro amanhã" not "Eu devolver-lhe-ei o livro amanhã" which supports my guess.


    Putting it before the verb is ok in Brazil (not formal grammar, though).

    But putting it after the verb is not something done with these tenses.


    Obrigado pela dica!

    [deactivated user]
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