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"Everything is in its place."

Translation:Alles staat op zijn plek.

2 years ago



Alles in het plek is...


2 years ago

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"Op zijn plek staan" is the right way of saying that something "is in place". The order you proposed here, with the verb at the end, is only possible in subclauses, for example: "I am sure that everything is in place" will be "Ik ben er zeker van dat alles op zijn plek staat". When it is just the head clause, however, the verb always follows the subject ;-)

2 years ago

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Is the expression "Alles staat op zijn PLAATS? more common than "Alles staat op zijn PLEK"? The latter sounds unusual, e.g. you can say: " Na de storm staat gelukkig nog alles op z'n plaats", however, "Na de storm staat gelukkig nog alles op z'n plek" would not sound right. "Plek" sounds more constrained or limited, while ""Plaats" is more flexible with a bigger span. "Plek" corresponds more with a spot, while "Plaats" more with a place. Of course, context is everything, but when in doubt use "plaats" rather than "plek", ja?, nee?

2 years ago