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  5. "Komu ona by pomogła?"

"Komu ona by pomogła?"

Translation:Who would she help?

April 11, 2016



whom would she help


My greatest problems ate twofold, understanding what the voice says, hard of hearing 1500 hertz range and sloppy typing. Self taught when I got my first computer at 68.


Thanks for clearing that up, you can see why I am confused, my polish language training was not too good. Hadn't spoken it in about sixty years therefore I had a lot confusion in what is or isn't correct. Thanks for clearing this up for me.


Well, clearly you still remember a lot :)


Could we use "kto" instead of "komu"?


No. "pomagać" takes Dative, so you should use the Dative form of "kto".


But we could not say: Komu pomogłaby? Why is the "by" separate?


I believe that "by", "bym" etc. should not end up at the end of the sentence, if only that's possible.


Surely this is the same as "Who did she help".....but this answer tells me I am incorrect.


No, it's not. The sentence is kinda strange, but in it's strangness it indeed means "who WOULD she help". Conditional. There's nothing about her helping anyone in the past.


The hint also has "has helped", what in the sentence let's you know that it's WOULD?


If you hover over 'by', you see "by pomogła" = "(she) would help".

The conditional is built upon the past tense form.


So the 'by' makes it "would". Thank you.


OK. I'll accept that. I have a question about the word for chicken since I was raised on a farm by Polish parents and we raised chickens by the hundreds. My mother always used the term kura for chicken and kogut for rooster, was that correct


Kogut - yes.

Kura... well, kura is a hen. Although if we treat "chicken" more scientifically, as a species, then true, it translates to "kura domowa". But normally rooster = kogut, hen = kura, chicken = kurczak.


A take on the word fowl? Rather than denoting the individual species of fowl. Along with that there was another word I wondered about, Rabbit, Krolik, we also raised them during meat rationong day of WW2 but they were referred to as zajac. Would that be a rabbit or a hare.


Królik is a rabbit, zając is a hare. The question is whether people actually distinguish them instead of just calling both rabbits ;)

"fowl", as a noun for all kinds of birds one can raise in the countryside, is "drób". Just as the word for the meat of those birds.


When do you use Komu for who? when do you use Kto?


Komu is the Dative case: for whom, kto is Nominative.

Nominative: Kto to? = Who is it?

Genitive: Dla kogo? = For whom?, Na kogo patrzysz? = Who(m) do you look at?

Dative: Komu daję? = Who(m) do I give to?, I give to whom?

Accusative: Kogo widzę? = Whom do I see?

Instrumental: Z kim rozmawiam? = Who(m) do I speak with?

Locative: O kim rozmawiam? = Who(m) do I talk about?

Vocative: not used

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