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  5. "Piszę na klawiaturze."

"Piszę na klawiaturze."

Translation:I am typing on a keyboard.

April 11, 2016



Chyba powinno być "typing" ponieważ chodzi o pisanie na klawiaturze, prawda?


Technicznie rzecz biorąc możesz pisać na klawiaturze jakimś flamastrem itp. :) Ale racja, w tym przypadku jako tłumaczenie powinno raczej być typing.


Is "Klawiatura" also used for piano-like musical instruments?


Why not just "I am typing." It is kind of implicit that you type on a keyboard.


Well, technically this word is older and it used to mean typing on a typewriter...


The verb to type on a keyboard is "pisać na klawiaturze," but I think the response "I am typing/I type" should be accepted since this is an idiomatic verb phrase in Polish to express this. Plus, as a neutral sentence, an English speaker would more likely just say "I'm typing" rather than "I'm typing on a keyboard."


OK, let's accept it. Added.


I would say that the when you type on a typewriter, you also use the keyboard, but I can understand that the sentence probably refers to a computer keyboard.


I am writing with a keyboard. Writing on a keyboard is not good English as it infers that you are using a pen to write on the keyboard!


Quote from a native: Honestly "writing with a keyboard" sounds to me like you're standing it on end and trying to use it like a pen.

Which is also exactly my thought...


Why not simple Instrumental without any preposition?


"Piszę klawiaturą"? Well, that would mean that you use the keyboard the way you use a pen (but then it doesn't leave anything on paper)... or possibly that you use like a giant stick to press buttons on a lot larger keybord. Either way, not really probable ;)

Well, it just works exactly like an English: "on a keyboard". You press the buttons that are on the keyboard, so you write on it, in both languages.


Ah, the subtleties! I had gained the impression that the use of Instrumental was broader than perhaps it really is, and could be used wherever the was a sense of "using" something, in this case, the keyboard.

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