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  5. "Piszę na klawiaturze."

"Piszę na klawiaturze."

Translation:I am typing on a keyboard.

April 11, 2016



Chyba powinno być "typing" ponieważ chodzi o pisanie na klawiaturze, prawda?


Technicznie rzecz biorąc możesz pisać na klawiaturze jakimś flamastrem itp. :) Ale racja, w tym przypadku jako tłumaczenie powinno raczej być typing.


Why not just "I am typing." It is kind of implicit that you type on a keyboard.


Well, technically this word is older and it used to mean typing on a typewriter...


The verb to type on a keyboard is "pisać na klawiaturze," but I think the response "I am typing/I type" should be accepted since this is an idiomatic verb phrase in Polish to express this. Plus, as a neutral sentence, an English speaker would more likely just say "I'm typing" rather than "I'm typing on a keyboard."


OK, let's accept it. Added.


I would say that the when you type on a typewriter, you also use the keyboard, but I can understand that the sentence probably refers to a computer keyboard.


Is "Klawiatura" also used for piano-like musical instruments?


Yes, but it only means the set of keys; the electric keyboards are called colloquially „klawisze” though and formally „syntezatory”(though you want find much use of it these days outside of classical music circles).


Why not simple Instrumental without any preposition?


"Piszę klawiaturą"? Well, that would mean that you use the keyboard the way you use a pen (but then it doesn't leave anything on paper)... or possibly that you use like a giant stick to press buttons on a lot larger keybord. Either way, not really probable ;)

Well, it just works exactly like an English: "on a keyboard". You press the buttons that are on the keyboard, so you write on it, in both languages.


Ah, the subtleties! I had gained the impression that the use of Instrumental was broader than perhaps it really is, and could be used wherever the was a sense of "using" something, in this case, the keyboard.


I am writing with a keyboard. Writing on a keyboard is not good English as it infers that you are using a pen to write on the keyboard!


Quote from a native: Honestly "writing with a keyboard" sounds to me like you're standing it on end and trying to use it like a pen.

Which is also exactly my thought...

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