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How can I determine when I began Duolingo (for my resume)?

April 11, 2016



thanks Shipload0! i guess I should have been able to figure this out, but my computer is so slow sometimes it is more pleasant to ask you friendly people :)


Hi oateasse,

Could you relocate this discussion in the “Troubleshooting" forum? Which is the place meant for such discussion. Thx!
To relocate it (please don’t create a new one), edit your original post then select the said forum in the drop-down menu on top-left of the edition area.

Have a look to this short guide to help you knowing where to post your (future) discussions on Duolingo’s forums.


Could you relocate this discussion in the “Troubleshooting" forum? Which is the place meant for such discussion. Thx!

Why does this belong in troubleshooting?


Because the user is having trouble using Duo: they don't know how to do a certain thing.
See the short guide (approved and stickied by staff) linked in the previous post where there is a "3-questions" process to determine where to post a new discussion.


This is a question about one of the features/functionalities provided by the program which the user is unaware of and not a bug in the program. My understanding was the troubleshooting forum was only for bugs but maybe I am mistaken. And again, now, I am confused what the main forum is for as as bugs as well as questions related to Duo seemed to be destined for the troubleshooting forum.

Edit: Just took a look at the stickied post and seems the main forum is only for new feature suggestions and language learning tips. Well, at present it seems to be used for a much wider gamut of purposes.


When I make a discussion, it only shows 2 different forum topics. Spanish from English, and English from Duolingo. In order to get others, I would have to post the discussion, and then fix the topic.is it supposed to be like that?


If you go first to the general forums page (no forum selected), you should see the Troubleshooting forum at the bottom of the list of forums on the right part of the page. Access it then create the discussion (once in the TBS forum).

The more "durable" solution is to subscribe to the forum. Click on the "Edit" button (on top of the list of forums).


The information is showed in https://www.duolingo.com/settings/profile

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